Where does the time go?

Yesterday the time just got away from me. I used much of my morning working on the family budget and then spent some time running errands. I picked up contact lenses from the eye doctor, dropped off a donation box at the ARC store and stopped in at the bank to open a new savings … Continue reading Where does the time go?


Focusing On What’s Most Important

The New Year brings about a desire to be better. Rather than focus on such a monumental task, I choose to focus on only 1 value in my life for the first month of the new year - Solitude. Solitude for me is a focused time of contemplation and faith in attaining my worthy goals. … Continue reading Focusing On What’s Most Important

Bullet Journal in a Traveler’s Notebook – Reincarnating this blog!

I thought I would reincarnate this old blog by posting up about my new traveler's notebook  and my ongoing attempts at using a bullet journal.  You can read about the idea here.  I've been a real student of personal productivity for many years and really have enjoyed the bullet journal concept over the past 2 … Continue reading Bullet Journal in a Traveler’s Notebook – Reincarnating this blog!