Pens of the moment

Some folks like pens. I happen to be one of them. I thought I might share the pens I use on a daily basis. I’ll try to explain a bit about each one. Full disclosure – I own all of these pens and any linking I may provide is simply a shameless plug for products I like!

Pilot Elabo


I purchased this Pilot Elabo last fall and am enjoying it more and more every time I use it. The Soft Extra Fine nib has a bit of flex to it and it gives nice shading to inks that shade.  The Elabo is the Japanese branded version of the Pilot Falcon

TWSBI Diamond 580 – F nib


I purchased this pen last fall as well and I really like the improvements TWSBI has made since their initial run of Diamond 540s that were plagued with cracking problems. The F nib is not completely smooth, but I hope that it will “write in” a bit and that I can use it with my Field Notes which typically are not overly fountain pen friendly

Wing Sung 3008


I fell into a deal – well searched it out is better said – for 4 Wing Sung 3008 for $16 in October. These pens are copies of the TWSBI with a copy of a Lamy Safari nib and feed. The overall quality is not as good as either brands that were copied, but they seem like pretty solid pens

Franklin Christoph Collegiate


I bought this pen a couple of years ago. It has an italic nib and writes pretty smoothly. This pen is all metal with a cartridge converter installed. It is my only pen that chronically writes with a dry line, unless I ink it up and use it hard for a few days until it is empty. If it sits for longer than 48 hours without use, it starves for ink, but when the ink flows, it is a joy to use.

Parker 51 pencil



This pencil was my grandmother’s. It is an early 51 with the split arrow and top jewel. I use it almost every day.

Pokka Pen

I came upon this pocket pen via the Field Nuts group on Facebook. Its appeal is that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to drop into a pants pocket. The refill seems to be a short Bic Stic and it does just fine for a ballpoint. I like it better than the Fisher Space pen due to the fact that the end cap stays on when you write with it.

Uni PowerTank

This is the main pen I use with my Field Notes planner. The ink dries quickly on the synthetic paper of the Expedition edition of the FN and it has most of the same qualities of the Space Pen without the elevated price. Upside down, underwater, extreme cold and other conditions that I likely will not test. It is smooth for a ballpoint and won’t break the bank.




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