End of Year Update



20171223_065955.jpgI only used the traveler’s notebook for less than a month.  It simply was too big for me to consistently carry.  I returned to my Field notes and continue to use Field Notes as my bullet journal. The small size is something that I will carry and I think that having a planner accessible is really important.  I carry the current month’s book and the next month’s book as well.    The picture above shows the 5 pocket notebooks I used during 2017.   I had a few others that I jotted a few notes in haphazardly.

For 2018, I plan to use a single Field Notes per month and change them out at the end of the month for a new one but if I don’t feel like I am using enough pages in each book, I’ll extend the use to a point when the book is completely filled.   The books stay in good shape with my leather cover so they won’t fall apart like they do when they are carried naked in my pocket.

I hope to update this blog a little more in the future.  It will necessarily be Field Notes and Bullet Journal focused.  Not BuJo or illustrated fluffy scrapbooks, but a simple note taking and organization system.

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